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Helping kids find their voice through
assistive communication technology.

Our Mission
The "Find a Voice" Fund exists to honor the memory of our precious daughter, Elli, who died October 19, 2008 at the age of eight. Though cerebral palsy prevented her from ever being able to speak, Elli was able to break the silence with the help of assistive communication technology that, sadly, is often not covered by health insurance plans. Elli found her voice. Our mission is to give other children like her the same opportunity to find theirs.

Support the Fund
Your financial donation will go directly into a fund that is used to purchase assistive communication devices for children like Sebastian in the video below, who are unable to speak on their own. Donate Now

About Elli Bennett
Elli was born on February 26, 2000, with a rare congenital heart defect (truncus arteriosus) that went undiscovered until she was 3 days old. At 4 days old, while in the newborn intensive care unit, Elli's heart stopped for several minutes.

Although she survived the initial crisis, Elli suffered permanent brain damage and a life-long battle with seizures and severe cerebral palsy. In addition to the 4 open heart surgeries she underwent in her lifetime, oral developmental skills like eating and drinking took many years to learn. And although she could laugh and cry, Elli was never able to formulate words with her mouth.

At 3 years old, Elli was identified as a strong candidate for a high-tech computerized communication device that was not covered on our health insurance plan. With the assistance of the Aaron W. Perlman Center at Cincinnati Children's, we were able to uncover the thousands of assistance dollars required to purchase the device for her. With a programmable touch screen that allowed Elli to convey words, phrases and sentences to express her specific needs, preferences and feelings, the device changed her life completely.

When Elli passed away, we asked friends and family to donate to the Perlman Center in her memory, as an expression of our gratitude to the Perlman Center for all they did for her. Those generous donations marked the birth of the "Find a Voice" Fund, which continues to grow today through regular fundraising activities and ongoing donations.

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